How To Create Hand Painted Wine Glasses

glass paintingWhen there is a special holiday or occasion, we think about gift ideas and ways on how to make our home look more fantastic for those special days. We mostly dine during special occasions so the first thing we should start working on is the dining table. One great way to make the table more attractive and enticing is to make your very own set of hand painted wine glasses. Hearing how it is made seem so difficult but it doesn’t really seem that way. You can paint and do any design you like. You can choose either challenging designs or simple ones. Know more about hand painted wine glasses from here.

So where and how do you start? First is to find cheap wine glasses as you need to buy extra ones since you need some practice at first. You can also buy colored ones if you plan on painting your design on colored backgrounds.

paintsYou will also need special glass-painting paints and you can find them online or in any craft stores. You will also need different sized paint brushes for larger areas and small ones. And lastly, you will need to decide on what to paint. You can paint things related to the occasion like Christmas trees for Christmas, eggs and bunnies for Easter, hearts on Valentines, etc.

Clean your glasses thoroughly before you start painting. Dirt can stop the paint from sticking. Remember to follow paint instructions on packaging as to drying, curing, etc. Paint instruction differs between manufacturers.

wine glass with beadsIf you are not into painting, you can decorate your glasses with beads, colored diamantes, etc. Wine glasses would look classy and pretty with these things but they will need extra care in washing so that decorations would not come off.

You can also add ribbons and glass charms to each wine glass. In that way, the owner will remember which glass is theirs. Hand painted glasses are also ideal gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Giving this as a gift will make the person special because it is done with effort.

I hope this article will bring out the artist in you. It’s not hard to learn new things as long as you are interested and dedicated to it. Good luck with arts, crafts and gift making.