Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is shipping?
Free! Shipping is always included. If you’re outside of the U.S. or Canada, the price is $10 higher to cover our extra postage costs.

Is all of the yarns machine washable?
I’m lazy; I don’t hand wash socks. Ever. So we only pick yarn that is washable — usually wool superwash, occasionally cotton, but never hand wash only. Some of our other yarns may not be machine safe, but we’ll never spring that on you without warning — all sock club yarns are machine washable.

I have big feet — will there be enough yarn for my socks?
If you can get a pair of socks out of 100 grams of Opal or Regia, you’ll be fine. We try all our pattern and yarn combinations on our own feet, which are not particularly tiny. However, we know some people use more yarn than others when making socks. If you need more yarn — whether you’ve run a bit short while turning the heel on sock #2, or you decide you want to make knee socks or a baby sweater from the yarn instead, we’ll be able to take care of you. We always buy extra sock club yarn and keep it, just for our sock club members, for at least six months after a shipment is mailed.

How do I drop a hint to my husband/wife/significant other/child/pet/parent/best friend/imaginary friend letting them know that I would like a subscription for the next gift-giving occasion?
You have a few choices. You can send them the link to this page; add it to your wishlist at www.kaboodle.com; or check back in a few days for our wishlist request email. You’ll be able to put your target’s email address in the form and we will auto-generate a message letting them know that you would like to receive the Griffin Yarns Sock Club as a gift. Don’t worry — we won’t use their (or your) email for any other purposes.